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Khoshroo Fali Madon (India)


Dear Respected Ervadji Fali
Thanks a lot for your work. Do add more of religios prayers.i would like the Nahan ceremony prayers also.

Dear Friend,
Good Day
It was tremendious good and its very helpful for each and every zorastrian Thank you very much God Bless you and your family tooooooo.
Please proceed further in continuing remaining avesta as I love to hear and learn too do say when its useful and when not useful explain in details I am willing to learn as I am week in avesta help me and my family to learn and follow our prayers in correct manner recently I have come accross Mushkal Assan story as I was longing since long long time my late mother use to say but never taught us and I was confused to learn and do it all of a sudden I came accross in internet and I started but I want to know true story I feel may be some mistake then God will never forgive me so please do it in video type with voice, if possible give me website to look for it my e-mail address is khdddpr@yahoo.com now I will be trying to hear everyday before I start my daily routine work even I am at my office too before I start my office work God Bless You.

Thank you for everything God Bless You

Paricher Khodadadpour