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Welcome to unofficial site of SPb Zoroastrians group, divorced with organization registered in St. Petersburg since April 7, 1994. These pages will give you an idea about how the community emerged and developed , its life and activities Here we would like to present at fullest possible length :

BBC: In Our Time - Zoroasrianism

Melvyn Bragg and guests discusses Zoroastrianism. "Now have I seen him with my own eyes, knowing him in truth to be the wise Lord of the good mind and of good deeds and words." Thus spake the real Zarathustra, the prophet and founder of the ancient and modern religion of Zoroastrianism. It has claims to be the world's first monotheistic creed and perhaps as long ago as 1200 BC Zarathustra also said, "I point out the way, it is the truth, it is for all living".

We are prayers of good thoughts

Submitted by Ramyar on

We are prayers of good thoughts, of good words, and of good actions, of those now and those hereafter of those being done; and of those completed. We implant them with our homage, and we do this the more, and yet the more since we are of the Good

Gathas of Zarathushtra  35-2

ABC archive: Evolving Towards Perfection - Zoroastrianism Today

Jenny Rose - is a teacher of Zoroastrian Studies in the Department of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in California
Almut Hintze - is Zartoshty Professor of Zoroastrianism at the University of London
Pheroza Daruwalla - is a Parsi and an active member of the Sydney Zoroastrian community
Huzan Daver - is a counsellor and spiritual teacher, working in the Zoroastrian tradition
Karl Desai - is a young Zoroastrian priest, based in Sydney
Tim Desai - Tim Desai is a Zoroastrian priest, based in Sydney