Names of boys 2

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KAYAN: Name of the dynasty founded by Kaikobad

KAYANSHAH: King of the Kayanian dynasty.

KAYARAX: Ancestor of King Kay-Khosraw

KAYARMIN: Name of a son of King Kaikobad; Av. Kavi Arshna

KAYGUSHTASP, KAYVISHTASP: The Kayanian King Gushtasp, patron of Zarathushtra; Av. Kavi Vishtaspa

KAYKAUS: Name of son of King Kaikobad; Av. Kavi Usadhan

KAYKHUSRU, KAY-KHOSRAW: Of good fame; name of a Kayanian king

KAYLOHRASP: Father of King Gushtasp; Av. Aurvataspa, swift horsed

KAYNASHNIN: Successor to royalty

KAYOMARS: Mortal life; another form of Gayomard

KAYPASSEN: A son of King Kaikobad; Av. Kavi Pisina

KAYRAS: Name of a son of King Kaikobad

KAYZAD: Born of royalty; of the Kayanian family

KERBAD: An Iranian hero


KERFEGAR: One who recognizes all merit

KERMANSHAH: A hero king

KERSASP: Having lean horses; the celebrated Pishdadian hero

KESHWAD: Son of Karan; name of a general of King Minochehr

KEVAN: Saturn


KHARAD: Wisdom; Av. Khratu; Pahl. Khrat; Pers. Khirad


KHAVAR: Creator of all favors


KHOJASTEH: Auspicious

KHORDAD: Created by glory or grace

KHOREHOMAND: Surrounded by a halo, possessing grace

KHORRAM: Delightful, happy

KHORUSHASP: Having pleasant horses

KHOSRAV, KHUSRU: Of good fame; Av. Husrava; king; (compare 'Caesar', 'Czar')

KHUBCHEHR: Having a fine face

KHUBRUY: With a good face

KHUBYAR: Having a good friend

KHUDABANDEH: Servant of God

KHUDABAX: Gift from God

KHUDADAD: Created by God


KHUDAMORAD: Desire of God

KHUDAPARASHT: God's devotee

KHUDARAM: Joy of God

KHUDAVAND: King of the Universe


KHUDAYAD: Memory of God

KHUDAYAR: Friend of God

KHUFIRUZ: With good victory

KHURDAD: Perfection; Name of an Archangel, Av. Haurvatat; name of the sixth day and the third month

KHURSAND: Contented, happy

KHURSHID, KHWARSHED: Sun, Av. Hvare Khshaeta, 'shining sun'

KHURSHIDCHEHR: With a face like the sun; name of Zarathushtra's son; Av. Hvarechithra

KHUSHCHEHR: Having pleasing features

KHUSHMANISH: Having a good heart

KHUSHMASTA: Extremely joyous

KHUSHNAVAZ: Sweet comforter

KHUSHROD: Pleasant river

KOBAD: Name of father of Khusru the Just

KURUSH: (OP) Far sighted; Cun. name of Achaemenian King, Gk. Cyrus the Great



Limji, Limjibhai*

LOHRASP: Father of King Gushtasp; Av. Aurvataspa, 'having swift horses'

MAHBURZIN: Exalted moon

MAHDAT: Created by the moon

MAHMEHER: The moon and the sun; the month of Mihr

MAHNAHID: The moon and Saturn

MAHRASPAND: Holy Word; name of an angel; name of the 29th day of the month

MAHRUY: Moon faced

MAHVANDAD: Having reached the moon; name of a commentator on the Pahlavi Vendidad

MAHVIR: Moon hero

MAHYAR: One whose friend is the moon

Manakji, Manaksha*

Mancherji, or Manchersha

MANUSH: Intelligence

MANUSHKHUNARF, MANUSHKHURNER: 'Hero of the heavenly sun'; an ancestor of Zarathushtra; name of the father of the Pishdadian King Minochehr

MARDAN, MARDANSHAH: King of men: name of a nephew and son-in-law of Darius I

MARDBUD: Chief amongst men


MARZBAN: Governor of the frontier; margrave

MEDIOMAH: Middle of the month; cousin and first disciple of Zarathushtra: Av. Maidyoi maongha

MEHBAZU: Arm of the angel Mihr

MEHBUD: Chief of a country; name of a trusted relative of King Kobad

MEHER, MIHR: Av. Mithra, the sun; love, friendship; pact, contract, bond; name of an angel; name of the 16th day and seventh month

MEHERAB: Lustre of friendship; name of a king of Kabul who was the father of Rudabeh, mother of Rustam

MEHERABAD: Made prosperous by Mihr; city of Mihr

MEHERAFSHAN: Devoted in love

MEHERAK: Like Mihr; name of a hero, the father-in-law of King Shapur I

MEHERAN: Name of the head of one of the seven illustrious Sassanian families

MEHERASP: 'Friendly horse'; name of a chamberlain of King Xerxes


MEHERBAN, MEHERWAN: Kind, friendly; name of a noted scribe

MEHERBURZIN: Exalted Mihr; name of a son of Farhad

MEHERDAD: Created, given by Mihr; Cun. Mithradata

MEHERNARSEH: Name of the prime minister of King Behram V, also known as Behram Gor

MEHERNOSH: Immortal Mihr

MEHEROJ, MEHERUZ: Day of light and love

MEHERSAN: Looking like Mihr

MEHERYAR: Friend of love

MEHERZAD: Born of the sun



MINOCHEHR: Of spiritual or heavenly appearance; born of a heroic family; name of a Pishdadian king : Av. Manushchithra

MINOO: Spiritual, heavenly, divine

MOHOR: Moon; Av. Mah; name of the 12th day of the month



MURDAD: Immortality; later form of Amardad


NADIR: Excellent

NAMDAR: Keeper of the illustrious name; famed



NAORUZ: New year's day

NAOSHAD: New joy

NAOTAR, NAVDAR, NAVZAR: Younger, newer; one of the three sons of Minochehr; Av. Naotara, Pers. Naozar

NAOZAD: New-born

NARIMAN: Manly minded; Av. Nairemanah; epithet of the hero Kersasp, ancestor of Zal and Rustam

NARIMANZADEH: Born of the family of Nariman

NARSEH: Name of the sons of Shapur and Yazdgerd I


NASHAK, NASHA: Friend of all

NAWAZISH: Gift given by God

NAZBAN: Protector of gracefulness

NEKCHEHR: Having a good disposition, nature, appearance

NEKDEL: Good hearted

NEKMARD: A good man

NERlOSANGH: 'Known amongst men'; name of a famous priest of India who translated into Sanskrit the Avesta and Pahlavi texts in the 12th century; abbreviated to Narseh

NEVAZAR: Intrepid as fire

NIMRUSTAM: Half as mighty as Rustam

NOSHIRWAN: Having an immortal soul; name of the famous Sassanian king

NOSHZAD, NUSHZAD: Born immortal

NOTRIGA: Name of the third brother of Zarathushtra

NUSH: Immortal; elixir; antidote; shortened form of Anosh

NUSHADAR, NUSHAZAR: Fire of life; name of a son of Azar Afruz, son of Mehernosh, son of the hero Aspandyar

NUVED, NIVED: Good news

ORVADASP: Possessing swift horses

PABAND: Secured

PADMANI: The Lord of moderation


PAITIRASPA, PETERASP: Name of Zarathushtra's grandfather

PAKTAN: Having a pure body


PALASH: Name of a king

PARASTAR: Adorer, worshipper; name of a learned Mobed of Patna

PARVANDA: Within everybody

PARWEZ, PARVEZ, PARVIZ, PERWEZ, APARVIZ: Victorious; an epithet of King Khusru II

PASHANGH: Name of King Minochehr's father

PASHIN: Forward, advanced; name of King Kaikobad's son

PEROZ, PEROCH, PIRUZ: Victorious; name of a Sassanian king

PEROZSHAH: Victorious ruler

PESHOTAN: Wisely active, devoted one of the sons of King Gushtasp; Av. Pishishyaothna

Pestanji, or Peshotanji

PIRANGUSHNASP, PIRGUSHNASP: Having old male horses

PISHAN: Predecessors

PISHKAR: Zealous in his duty

PISHKASIR: Head of a profession or guild

PISNANGH: Name of a son of King Kaikobad


PORGAV: Having abundant cattle; name of King Faridoon's ancestor

POURUSHASPA: 'Having grey horses', name of Zartosht's father


PULADVAND: Steel-like

RAHAM: Name of a son of Gudarz or Godrej

RAKHOH: The Independent

RAM: Joyfulness, peace; name of the 21st day of the month

RAMBAX: Bestower of joy

RAMBEHESHT: Joyful heaven

RAMBURZIN: Exalted joy

RAMDIN: Joy of religion

RAMGUSHNASP: Joy in possessing a stallion

RAMIN: Joyful

RAMISHT: Most joyful

RAMYAR: Friend of joyfulness

RANGUSHTAR: Name of the second elder brother of Zarathushtra

RANJISHN: Name of an ancestor of Zarathushtra

RASHID: One who has attained salvation

RASHNA: Justice; name of an angel; name of the 18th day of the month

Rastamji [Rostamji, Rustamji]

Ratanji, or Ratansha

RATUSHTAR: Brother of Zarathushtra

RAYOMAND: Full of glory

REWNIZ: Warrior

ROINTAN, ROYINTAN, RUINTON: Having a body of brass. i.e. invulnerable; an epithet of Aspandyar

ROSHAN: Bright, shining; name of a scholar mentioned in the Pahlavi Vendidad

ROZAFZUN: Prosperous day

ROZBAHAR: Spring day

ROZMEHER: Day of love and light

RUSHAD: One whose soul is joyous, i.e. deceased

RUSTAM: Name of the celebrated hero of Iran; strong and well built; Pahl. Rotastahm; "I am freed". the words spoken by Rustam's mother at his birth, for he was the size of a one-year-old


SAEN: Summit one of the foremost disciples of Zarathushtra

SAFNA: Bringer of prosperity

SAHI: Straight

SALM: Eldest son of Faridoon

SAM, SAHAM, SAHEM, SHAHAM: Name of Kersasp's grandfather; name of Zal's father


SARAFRAZ: Conqueror; one whose head is high

SAROSH, SARUSH, SORUSH: Hearkening, Obedience; Av. Sraosha: name of an angel; name of the 17th day of the month

SAROSHYAR: Friend to Sraosha/Obedience

SARVAR: Sovereign prince lord

SARVAZAD: Noble like a cypress

SARVIN: Tall like a cypress

SASAN: Name of the grandfather of King Ardashir Babakan


SHAH: King

SHAHAK: A princeling

SHAHAN: Belonging to a king

SHAHBAHRAM: Victorious king

SHAHDAN: Royal gift


SHAHFIRUZ: Victorious king

SHAHJAHAN: King of the world

SHAHMARD: Royal person

SHAHMARDAN: Of the family of Shahmard

SHAHPUR, SHAPUR: Son of a king

SHAHREN: Belonging to the realm

SHAHREVAR, SHAHREWAR: Divine power; best rule; the third Amahraspand (archangel); name of the fourth day and sixth month

SHAHROKH, SHARUKH: Having a royal face

SHAHRUD: Royal river

SHAHRYAR: Sovereign, ruler, lord

SHAHRZAD: Prince of the realm

SHAHVIR: Royal hero

SHAHZAD: Of royal birth; prince


SHEHERAZAD: Independent, free

SHEHERBARAZ: Exalted person of the realm; name of a general of King Khusru Parviz

SHERFIRUZ: Victorious lion

SHERGIR: One who holds the lion


SHERSHAH: King of lions

SHIDASP: Possessing shining horses; name of the son of Tur, son of King Jamshed

SHIDUSH: Shining shoulder; name of the son of Gudarz; a disciple of Azar Kaevan

SHIRMARD: Lion-like man

SHIRUY: Lion-faced; son of King Khusru Parviz

SHIRVANSHAH: 'Lion-like'; name of the kings of the Shirvan dynasty

SHIRZAD: Born of a lion

SIAVAKHSH, SIAVAKHSHAN, SIAVAX, SIAVUSH: 'One who possesses black-stallions'; name of the great-grandson of King Kaykavus and father of Kay-Khosraw; Av. Syavarshana

SMARDIS, SMERDIS: Exalted; Bardiya in the Cun. inscriptions

SOHRAB, SOHRKHAB: Having glowing features; illustrious; name of the son of Rustam


SPENTODAD: Created by the holy spirit; Av. Spento data

SPITAMAN: White, pure; name of Zarathushtra's ancestor of the family of Spitama

SPITYUR: One who possesses white lambs; name of a brother of King Jamshed; Av. Spityura

SRIROXNA: Having beautiful oxen

STIVANT: Steadiness, security


SURIN: War-like, brave; name of a warrior family of ancient Iran; Pahl. Suren

SUROYAZAT: Valiant angel

SYAMAK: Name of a son of Gayomard

TAHM: Brave, valiant

TAHMASP, TUMASP: Having strong horses

TAHMTAN: Strong-bodied

TAHMURAS: A strong body; Av. Takma Urupa; name of the second Pishdadian king; son of King Hooshang

TAJ: Crown

TAKHMASPADA: One who has an army of heroes; name of a general of Darius I

TAMUR: Name of a son of the hero Barzu; shortened form of Tahmuras

TARONISH: Enemy of all evil



THRITAK: 'Third'; Avestan name of Kersasp's father, so called as he was the third son; Av. Thrita, Pahl. Saret. Pers. Asrat

TIGRAN: 'Shooting an arrow'; name of two Ashkenian kings of Armenia

TIR: Arrow; the planet Mercury

TIRANDAZ: Thrower of arrows, archer

TIRDAD: Created by Tir; name of Ashkenian kings

TISHTAR, TESHTAR: 'Sirius'; Av. Tishtrya; name of an angel; name of the 13th day and fourth month

TIZ: Sharp; quick

TIZASP: Having swift horses

TIZRAV: Quick moving

TIZYARSHTI: Holding a piercing spear; name of King Gushtasp's brother

TOKHARE: Belonging to the country of Tokhar; name of one of the sons of the hero Framarz

TUS: Contented, satisfied; name of a heroic son of the Pishdadian King Naozar


UPAMANA: High minded; name of an angel

URVAKHSHA: Joyful, cheerful; brother of the hero Kersasp

URVATATNARA: Man of perfection; second son of Zarathushtra

USHAH: Dawn; morning light

VALAKHSH, VALASH, BALASH, PALASH: Names of Ashkanian kings

VANITAR: Conqueror

VARAZDAD: Giver of boars

VARDANIS: Of a brave family

VARUN: Worthy of the faith reposed in Him

VASNA: Omnipresent

VASPAN: One who reaches the entire creation

VASPAR: Beneficient Lord

VEER: Hero

VEHMARD: A good man; Pers. Behmard

VIFRANAVAZ: Wise boatman; name of one who was flown into space in the form of a bird, lost his way and prayed to Ardvisura who safely returned him to earth

VISHNASP: Possessing a stallion; Av. Gushnasp

VISHTASPA: 'Having ready horses', Avestan form of Gushtasp, Kayanian patron-king of Zarathushtra

VISPANFRIA: Beloved of all

VOHUPERES: Good inquirer

VOHU-USHTRA: Having good camels

VOURUNEMANGHA: Of wide homage

WEHAFRID: Well created; later form is Behafrid

WEHSHAPUR: Good prince

WEHZAN: Well born; older form of Bezan

YADGAR: A memento, remembrance

YAKDAST: One hand; name of a celebrated one-handed Turanian warrior who fought with Rustam


YAZAD, YAZD: Angel; worshipful; Av. Yazata

YAZDANDAD: Created by angels

YAZDANSETAE: Worshipper of angels

YAZDEZAD: Born of an angel

YAZDGERD: Created by angels; names of the Sassanian kings

YAZDYAR, YAZDANYAR: Friend of angels

YIMA: Older form of the river Jam, Jamshed

ZADHORMAZD: Born of Ohrmazd

ZADMEHR: Born of Mihr

ZADSPARAM: Born as sweet as basil; brother of Manushchehr, High-Priest of Pars and Kirman

ZAHAN: World

ZAL: 'Old man'; name of Rustam's father, who had white hair at birth

ZAOSH: Willing

ZAR: Gold

ZARAN: Golden

ZARATHUSHTRA, ZARTOSHT: Possessing yellow camels; Greek Zoroaster meaning golden star

ZARAZDAITI: Relying on, trusting

ZARD: Yellow

ZARIAB: Sea water

ZARIR: Having a golden breast-plate; name of a valiant brother of King Gushtasp

ZARMAN: Old man; old age

ZARMEHER: Exalted love, great friendship; shortened form of Buzargmeher


ZAVAREH: Name of a brother of Rustam

ZINAWAR: Having weapons

ZIRAK: Clever, intelligent, wise



ZUBIN: Helper; Av. Uzava